Concocted during the pandemic, the mission to create apparel for disc golf that fit the lifestyle, while raising the quality standard of what was already on the market, came to life. It was a challenge to find premium products that existed, that aligned with our quality expectations, leaving a hole in the market. Most available product at the time utilized printing on cheap blanks, and in our opinion, did not fit the trajectory of where disc golf was headed.

"Circle 1 Disc" was formed and the website went live 10/01/20.

Founded in Maine, 2023 allowed for the move into our 4K sq/ft. space, dubbed C1 HQ in North Berwick. The solar powered, renovated barn from the late 1800s, provides the necessary space for proper operational, fulfillment needs day-to-day, and concept-retail space to showcase new product.

In the the last three years, we have created a global brand that continues to expand its product lineup. C1 has been apart of viral moments, including the trend and popularity of the boonie hat, bold patterned polos, and changing the norm on how staple pieces should look, feel, and wear. We continue to develop new products, while refining our existing lineup to ensure C1 is offering the best available products. We are committed to creating products that do not sacrifice quality, function, and comfort. Our goal is to push the envelope, combining lifestyle design with performance materials.

Subtle rebranding behind the scenes, "Circle 1" has allowed us to explore new markets such as golf, pickleball, and other outdoor activities. Disc golf will always be at the core of what we do. Look for movement in these new areas moving forward!

We are incredibly grateful to work with the best players in disc golf. In 2021, we added our first pro, Ricky Wysocki. Creating products for Ricky, such as the dino polo and boonie hats, paired with his play and personality, was magic that is impossible to plan for when starting a business. In 2022, we added Corey Ellis. For the 2024 season, we are excited to announce the new additions of Isaac Robinson, Andrew Marwede, and Mason Ford! Team C1 also features a group of amazing ambassadors, that spans across the US, Canada, Japan, and Australia. 

When we launched, we did not anticipate how involved C1 would be with events. The event side of the business has been a differentiator in reaching the community and creating positive experiences associated with the Circle 1 brand. In 2024, we will run an A-Tier (Maine), 14-part C1 Flex Series, B-Tier (Maine), attend the Northeast Disc Golf Expo, and vend at a handful of Pro Tour events. We also run the Ball & Chain Scramble, in partnership with Baxter Brewing, that combines golf and disc golf in a competitive team format. While our calendar is filling up, we still have events to be confirmed.

Collaboration has been at the core of our business from the beginning. We have had the chance to work with a variety of manufacturers, local companies, and other influencers on product drops, private label, and events. There are currently projects in motion, that look to bring exciting "things" in the future!

Circle 1 hopes to be a positive force as our brand continues to grow and evolve. Please do not hesitate to shoot us a message with any questions, feedback, and/or suggestions.

Thank you for all the love and support! 

Circle 1